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Saturday, 6 May 2017

"UK Homeopathy Regulation": Qualified to judge?

After this morning's traditional Edzard Ernst reblog, this happened:
So it seemed like an ideal time to reblog that excellent post as well. It begins thusly:

Qualified to judge?

One of the claims that is frequently made by some homeopaths is that the ASA has used expert witnesses who are not in a position to draw conclusions about homeopathy because they have no qualifications in homeopathy. It is often an accusation made of anyone who criticises homeopathy.

Not Occult
Occult can be defined as "knowledge of the hidden". It seems apt in this context as some have accused homeopathy of being "occult" in the common sense of the word.
The idea put forward that homeopathy can only be judged by those "qualified" in homeopathy is strange. There is a vast amount of "information" (some of which is wildly contradictory) on homeopathy in the public domain...

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