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Monday, 13 February 2012

Homeopathy FAQ | Plague of Mice

dose globules de 1 gramme
A little light relief today. I found a homeopathy website daft enough to put up a FAQ and thought I'd give them a hand by proofreading and correcting the answers, which I have shortened to the most relevant paragraph in each case, or we'd be here all bloody week. The thick layer of misleading, or downright false, statements laced with pseudoscientific WTF is fairly typical of what you'll find all over the Internet. This bunch are in Canada (see end of article for link) and I have no idea if they have the right to call their products 'medicines' or claim to treat specific medical conditions. Those in a position to complain to the appropriate authorities might want to check it out. Close examination of the site will also reveal the barely-dissimulated intention of scaring marks away from real medicine and locking them into the homeopathy cult. Again, this is par for the course....

You can read the rest of this post at It goes on for quite a bit and contains a lot of red ink. Also swearing.