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BOINC for Science!

BOINC is a distributed computing client that runs little programs for various scientific projects whenever you have a few cycles to spare.

You get to say when you want it to run, where you want it to run and how much of your PC you want it to use. Your PC, mind, not your employer's - unless of course you have explicit authorisation.

Users can choose which of the many projects on offer they want to run. It's best to have more than one, in case of server downtimes, but not more than five or six. You can work alone, or join a team. Some servers have team challenges; the more members you have, the more likely you are to win them.

Teams may specialise in just one project, or exist as a BOINC-wide group. Tea Drinkers Anonymous is a BOINC-wide team. Run whatever tickles your fancy, you can still join the team.

Download the latest Boinc software and choose your projects.

If you don't know where to start, why not try joining the team on WCG (World Community Grid), which covers a number of important health and environment projects at any one time?