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Join the project!

This is a project I've wanted to set up for some time: collecting posts from a number of reality-based blogs in one place. Or rather, excerpts from these posts, because what I want to people to do is read them and comment on the original site. Those people did the work; they deserve the credit.

Participation is by invitation only. There are various reasons for this, including trust. Some are purely technical though, such as: RSS feed format, whether you have a Google account, and so on.

So, why do this? There are a lot of very good skeptic bloggers out there, who have their own little sites that deserve a wider audience. They have no desire to guest on other blogs or be under any pressure to produce a specific quantity of posts a month. It is also possible they don't see why they should blog for free for a major newspaper that will then hoover up ad revenue on their behalf.

I can get my head around that.

So this is the deal:
  • This site will collect short extracts from posts to selected blogs. This means we need RSS feeds that contain only excerpts, not full posts. You write your article, post it, and an excerpt will automatically show up here, in the Skeptics Amalgated Twitter timeline, plus any other places subscribers/contributors have decided to add the feed.
  • You don't have to write a post every week or month. Even once in a blue moon is fine.
  • If you already have a Blogger account, or are prepared to create one, you can join the management team, manage your own input, seek out awesome new contributors and give them better visibility.
  • Readers get a taster here, then go over to the original post to read the full story and comment if they wish.
Contact me here if you'd like to join in.

You can follow updates via Twitter, email and RSS. There are links in the sidebar; do with them as you will.

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