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Thursday, 1 May 2014

On the move

The original blog had to move. I'm not happy about it, but it's too exhausting trying to run sites in different languages with more than one Google profile. Also, I don't want to drop my pseudonym. There are many honourable reasons for this, but I'm too busy doing repetitive website maintenance to spell them out for now.

I'm saving this site for reblogged stuff, mostly from sceptic sites I read (or write for), but not exclusively. I'm using reblog and RSS features to feed the posts in, how much text appears will depend on the length of excepts from the various RSS feeds.

Reblogs will always be excerpts. Want to comment? Go to the original site.

New rantings will now show up on the main site, while new reviews, short stories etc will appear on Wordpress. All the old posts worth moving have already been migrated.As it's been a while since all this happened and extra tidying-up has been done since then, you should probably visit these sites and update bookmarks etc

So, to recap: the general blog is still at Disjointed ramblings, but that ain't here no more. Sceptic writings are at Plague of Mice. Just follow the links.