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Saturday, 13 August 2016

The fact is: your ancestors would have vaccinated

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It’s Friday evening, and a Twitter moron has to go and post this:
fact-I vaccinated my kids. Fact-my son suffered an encephalopathy. Let’s talk facts…
Facts. Oh yes, facts are great. You can use them as bricks to construct whole edifices of knowledge. The trouble with buildings, though, is that they need rather more than bricks to be of use. You have to use the right bricks for the type of construction, where it’s situated, etc. There’s got to be some kind of mortar to bind them together, or your building of unrelated facts will just fall apart at the first puff of wolf’s breath. And you need a roof, and a door etc.

For example, I’ve had a great time this week trying to build up my family tree using an online genealogy database. You input what you know about your family, it goes and looks up records that … Continue reading